10 reasons to visit regularly to the dentist

Publicado em 10/08/2016

The secret to a perfect oral health: prevention

oral health prevention

The 10 reasons for prevention in oral health:

  1. Early detection and prevention of oral cancer
    Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world. The death rate for oral cancer is higher on late diagnosis, but the treatment in early stages have a hight levels of cure/success.
  2. Prevent periodontal disease, the gum disease
    Periodontal disease is the inflammation of gum tissue that can progress and affect the bone that involves and give teeth support. The bacterias that cause the inflammation came from de bacterial plaque. That is a colorless biofilme that grows constantly on tooth surface. When brushing and flossing aren't enough or don't existe, the bacterias leads to gum,teeth infection,bone loss and in the more serious cases mobility and eventually tooth lost.
  3. Contributes to your general health
    Oral Health has a big impact in the general health state. The recent studies shows that existes a link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease, stroke, and preterm birth.
  4. Early detection of tooth decay
    One of the most popular diseases in the world is the tooth decay. The early detection and treatment of tooth decay is vital. The teeth don't regenerate as the skin does, so it's important to avoid the destruction and tooth loss caused by tooth decay.
  5. Detection and maintenance of problems related to old procedures
    Although the evaluation of techniques, equipments and materials are impressive, the maintenance of the procedures only will be viable over time, with the proper care and professional evaluation.
  6. Prevention and detection of bad breath (halitosis)
    Bad breath is a common condition, that is why the diagnosis as a symptom of a disease is complex. However,  the main causes os chronic bad breath / halitosis are tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  7. Allows to establish a proper treatment plan
    The necessity of multiple and simultaneous treatments, can be demotivating to the patient.  For all that, the correct planification of time and procedures per consult is importante to keep the patient motivated and satisfied.
  8. Reduces the necessity of multiple and complex treatments
  9. It allows a significant money savings
    If you make regular visits to your dentist, the consults will have a residual value. But if you came with long periods of absent to the consult, it's likely that you'll need a multiple and complex treatments.
  10. It helps to the maintenance of a high self-esteem
    Actually, what really move us forward is to see u SMILE.

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