Immediate Care after Surgical Procedures

Publicado em 29/05/2017

Check out the post-operative care to be considered for most surgical treatments in the oral cavity. They apply from situations of dental extractions to implant surgery procedures and cases of periodontal plastic surgery.


Immediate Care after Surgical Procedures

  • Keep the compress on the surgery site for at least 30 minutes, with moderate and constant pressure;
  • While checking for bleeding, avoid spitting out blood. You can swallow saliva, even if you feel some blood or chlorhexidine gel that was applied at the end of the procedure;
  • Apply ice to the intervened side for 10 minutes, every 30 minutes, while there is any pain or swelling;
  • Keep the head elevated during the first hours. Avoid squatting, sources of heat, and physical exertion.

During the First Days

  • If bleeding persists, apply a sterile compress folded in "4" in the region and bite down with pressure;
  • Sleep with the head more elevated, with 2 or 3 pillows under the neck. Do not sleep on the intervened side.

Dietary Recommendations

  • Do not eat while under anesthesia;
  • Consume liquid foods and soft cold foods. e.g.: ice cream | yogurts | shakes | soup
  • Do not chew on the intervened side until further clinical observation.


  • Adhere to the prescription according to the indications of the medical prescription

  • Apply Chlorhexidine products to the intervened site at least 3 times a day (Gel and/or Mouthwash)

Considerations on Oral Hygiene

  • Do not perform vigorous rinses;
  • Continue to clean the remaining teeth/locations in the usual way.

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