Importance of the implant in the absence of one, several or all teeth

Publicado em 09/08/2016

The importance of the implant in the absence of teeth is not merely for aesthetic reasons. In many cases, causes psychological problems and lose their functions.

Absence of a tooth
When there is loss of a tooth in a visible place the trend is to replace it immediately. However, if this lack not compromise the aesthetics of the smile, the general rule is ignored. A missing tooth is must be replaced regardless of whether is visible or not, and in a medium / long term may contribute to the development of oral health problems. In the case of only one tooth missing, the replacement by a single implant is the best solution. The implant will function as a support for placing a crown, which perfectly replace the natural tooth both functionally and aesthetically. The crown is performed to match the tone and contour of natural teeth to be no visible difference. This solution also allows to preserve the adjacent healthy teeth.

Several teeth missing
If you have two or more missing teeth, the ideal solution for your case isreplace them by a bridge supported by implants. The bridge constitutes a lasting solution which enjoys all the advantages of implants, in particular in preventing bone loss and preserving the adjacent teeth, while natural teeth serves as both operationally and aesthetic. 

All teeth missing
The lack of all teeth is typically a generating cause of psychological stress that affects quality of life and self-esteem. For many individuals with this problem, the use of removable dentures proves to be very painful and inconvenient. The lack of adjustment requires the use of cumbersome adhesives, in addition to causing you embarrassment and prevent speak properly or to enjoy food. In this situation you should opt for a fixed prosthesis on implants that will allow you to regain self-esteem.


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