IntraOral Dental Scanner

Publicado em 03/11/2023


introducing the intraoral scanner


The Dentarmed, Medical and Dental Clinic located in Almada, offers the innovative technique of Intraoral Digital Scanning as part of its cutting-edge technologies in Dentistry. This technology, based on a portable scanner, enables the instant creation of a 3D model of the patient's oral cavity, enhancing precision and efficiency in dental procedures.

The Intraoral Digital Scanning provides a set of advantages compared to conventional methods of dental molding, finding diverse applications in dentistry. Firstly, it stands out for its precision, as the 3D model is generated from a digital image of the patient's mouth. Secondly, it excels in speed, as the scanning process is completed in minutes, significantly reducing the time patients spend in the clinic compared to conventional methods. Lastly, it offers greater comfort to the patient by eliminating the need for traditional impression materials.

Dentarmed is at the forefront by offering this cutting-edge technology, already integrating the intraoral digital scanner into a variety of dental treatments, including diagnosis and communication with the patient, crafting dental prosthetics, dental implants, and orthodontics.

Advantages of Intraoral Digital Scanning:

1. Precision: The 3D model generated by the intraoral scanner is notably more accurate than traditional methods of dental molding, allowing dentists to plan and execute treatments with extreme precision.
2. Speed: The scanning process is completed in minutes, providing a significant reduction in the time patients spend in the clinic compared to conventional methods.

3. Comfort: The intraoral scanner eliminates the use of molding materials, making the process more comfortable for patients.

Applications of Intraoral Digital Scanning:

- Dental Prosthetics: The intraoral scanner is used to create customized models for dental prosthetics, ensuring a perfect fit in the patient's mouth.

- Dental Implants: Used in the creation of customized models and surgery guides for dental implants, ensuring more precise placement.

- Orthodontics: The intraoral scanner is applied to create dental models for precise planning of orthodontic treatments, reference guides for appliance placement, and aligners for the Invisalign invisible orthodontic technique.

Dentarmed: The Dental Clinic of Reference

Dentarmed stands out as a reference dental clinic in Almada, offering a complete range of treatments, including microendodontics, orthodontics, implantology, and oral surgery. Committed to adopting the latest technologies and techniques, Dentarmed seeks to provide patients with excellent results. Find in Dentarmed a team of quality dental professionals and technological innovation.


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