Invisalign: Global Leader in Invisible Orthodontics

Publicado em 17/11/2023


invisalign clear aligners


The Invisalign represents a revolutionary approach in orthodontics, utilizing transparent aligners meticulously tailored to the patient's teeth. Custom-made, these aligners are replaced every two weeks, promoting a gradual movement of the teeth towards the desired position. Distinguishing itself from conventional appliances, Invisalign aligners are removable, providing not only ease in oral hygiene but also the freedom to eat without restrictions during treatment.

The manufacturing process of the aligners involves an advanced three-dimensional modeling of the patient's teeth. This technique, in addition to being effective, stands out for its aesthetics, as the aligners are practically invisible. Under the experienced guidance of Dr. Catarina Nunes, a renowned orthodontist, Invisalign offers a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and secure alternative to correct tooth alignment.

It is crucial to emphasize that the success of the treatment is intrinsically linked to the patient's adherence to regular use of the aligners, following the recommended guidelines. Invisalign has emerged as the preferred choice among adults and teenagers seeking an aesthetic approach to correcting tooth alignment.

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