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Publicado em 20/05/2024

State-funded dental prostheses



At Dentarmed, we provide detailed information about the state funding of dental prostheses by Social Security in Portugal. This benefit is intended for elderly individuals who are beneficiaries of the Old Age Allowance, covering up to 75% of the expense (maximum of €250 every three years) for the acquisition and repair of removable dental prostheses.

To avail of this support, you need to:

1. Supporting Documentation: Obtain confirmation of being a beneficiary of the Old Age Allowance from the Social Security Institute.
2. Medical Prescription and Invoice: Request from your dentist the medical prescription and itemized invoice.
3. Payment Receipt: Present the payment receipt for the expense.

After gathering all the documentation, go to the health center where you are registered to initiate the reimbursement process. Social Security will process the payment one month after validating the documents.

Note: The information provided does not exempt consulting Decree-Law No. 252/2007, July 5th and No. 232/2005 of December 29th and Ordinance No. 833/2007, August 3rd.

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