We believe in a service of excellence and quality. Our team is trained and available to give you a good and delightful visit.

Make an appointment with your dentist

Appointments Request

Dentarmed has for your convenience various methods for schedule an appointment:

Appointment confirmation

Within 24 hours before the appointment, one member of the team will contact you. This way we will remember you of the appointment and confirm that you still interested.


In the day of your appointment you should go to our clinic, one member of our team will ask you for some personal information to create your medical chart.

All of our new patients will need to have a diagnostic appointment. In this appointment the dental doctor will elaborate a treatment plan and will answer to all of your doubts:


Urgency appointments

When you need immediate treatment
Because emergencies arise unexpectedly, the Dentarmed, CMD has at its disposal a medical team dedicated to respond the same day to these situations.

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