Improves the appearance of your teeth


What are dental veneers?

Are thin resin sheets, sometimes the thickness of a contact lens to adhere to the tooth surface - usually the front teeth - in order to improve its appearance or by correction of color, shape, prior wear and/or position of the teeth.
Veneers are conservative preparations involving a minimum teeth structure wear, ideally less than 0,5mm.

This type of treatment allows:

  • optimal aesthetics finalization of the teeth
  • better fit, finish and polish of the restoration margins
  • correct anatomy with regard to the color texture
  • they are executed in dental laboratory and allows full demonstration of the artistic skills of the dental technician to adapt the shape of the teeth to the type of the patient's face
  • this type of proceadure allows that in the end, the restored tooth is not too bulky. In the end it translates into better gingival health and esthetics with natural tooth appearance

Tell us about your desire to make treatments of oral aesthetic rehabilitation. Check your assessment consultation.

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