The Dentarmed offers a personalized emergency care even outside the regular schedule

Urgency services

We can be available when you need an immediate procedure! We know that in day-by-day situations the urgent ones appear when we less expect them. For that reason  our clinic has a clinical team available and ready to give you the treatment you need when you need the most.

Urgent situations:

Every urgent situation will be attended by a dentist with a profissional certificate (registered at Portuguese Dental Board - OMD).

Usually situations

Some of the usually situations that requires an urgent appointment are:

  • tooth pain,
  • an accidentally broken teeth,
  • a dental inflammation or infection,
  • gum pain,
  • dental abscess.

All of this situations are an urgent reason for you to visit your dentist. In every situation our team will be ready and available to help you. Always remember that actually there are several solutions to avoid tooth extraction.

Urgent services in dentistry

The service of request of an urgency in Dentarmed CMD is made by call. For that you should call 91 822 43 38,  our permenent number and talk to our staff member.

Dentarmed CMD offers an individual urgency treatment for a while-broad day period.

* Urgent call service need to check doctor availability. ** Protocols and insurances are not covered at urgency appointments. ***To the treatment value can be increased the urgent appointment and the clinic opening. 

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