Dental TRAUMA - preventive measures and what to do...

Dental Trauma is a major risk that children and adolescents can suffer is an accident and lose some teeth

We recommend preventive measures such as use of seat belts in the car, mouthguards for practicing certain sports and early orthodontic intervention in children who have the teeth out (tooth projection), as these are the most affected.

In the event of trauma should check the severity of it:

  • Fracture: portion of the tooth is fractured
  • Dislocation: tooth with great mobility after Traumatology
  • Avulsion: tooth out entirely the cavity oral

These cases are cases of real urgency Dental, once the treatment and viability of the tooth are directly related to the time lag between the time of injury and treatment.

One should find the fragment of the tooth and put it in milk, saline or, in their absence, keep the tooth inside the mouth and look for dentist urgently. 

The Dentarmed is aware of the seriousness of accidents and therefore provides an emergency service prioritizes dental accidents and injuries.

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