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How much is a new smile worth to you? At Dentarmed, we are dedicated to enhancing your health and aesthetics with a wide range of superior quality dental services tailored to your specific needs.

Excellence and Innovation at Your Service

Our fees reflect our commitment to long-lasting, excellent treatments. We continually invest in cutting-edge technology and specialized training to provide personalized care so that you receive the best possible treatment.

Comprehensive and Personalized Services

  • Dental Esthetics: Beautiful and natural smiles.
  • Conservative Treatments: Minimally invasive results.
  • Humanized Digital Dentistry: Technology with a Human Touch
  • Advanced Surgical and Orthodontic Procedures: Planned and managed multidisciplinarily.
  • Meticulous Rehabilitations: For a perfect smile.
  • Invisible Orthodontic Solutions: Comfortable, Predictable, Effective.
  • Micro-Endodontics: Recovery of severely degraded teeth with state-of-the-art techniques.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We are ready to offer exceptional care, whatever your needs may be. Want to discover the value of a new smile? Contact us today and schedule your consultation. At Dentarmed, your satisfaction is our priority.


  • Initial Consultation + Digital Panoramic X-ray:                                                                       70 Euros
  • Comprehensive Individualized Treatment Plan Consultation:                                              150 Euros

    Includes 2D and 3D Radiographic Examinations and Digital Intraoral Scanning

  • Specialty Consultation:                                                                                                               65 Euros
  • Panoramic X-ray:                                                                                                                         35 Euros
  • 3D CBCT X-ray:                                                                                                                   from 55 Euros

Implantology and Oral Surgery

  • Dental Implant:                                                                                                                  from 750 Euros
  • Ceramic Crown on Implant:                                                                                              from 750 Euros
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction (depending on complexity):                                      from 100 to 350 Euros
  • Micro-Endodontic Surgery:                                                                                               from 550 Euros

Aesthetic Oral Rehabilitation

  • Dental Crown (Zirconia Ceramic) per unit:                                                                       from 650 Euros
  • Veneers (Feldspathic Ceramic) per unit:                                                                          from 750 Euros
  • Teeth Whitening (Natural Teeth):                                                                                    from 450 Euros
  • Endodontic Treatments (performed under microscope):                                           280 to 550 Euros

Orthodontic Treatments

  • Complete Orthodontic Study and Treatment Plan:                                                                500 Euros
  • Fixed Metal Braces (per arch):                                                                                           from 750 Euros
  • Sapphire Aesthetic Braces (per arch):                                                                             from 1200 Euros
  • Aligners (Invisalign / Spark):                                                                                       4500 to 6250 Euros
  • Braces Activation:                                                                                                                 from 70 Euros

Restorative Dentistry and Maintenance

  • Dental Restorations:                                                                                                             85 - 120 Euros
  • Professional Cleaning:                                                                                                                    75 Euros

Complete Dental Treatment Packages

  • Dental Veneers Package (per arch): 6,800 Euros. Includes:
    • Planning and Smile Design
    • Mock-up and Smile Test-Drive
    • Temporary Veneers
    • 10x Veneers


  • Fixed Oral Rehabilitation Package (per arch): 15,000 Euros. Includes:
    • 3D Planning and 2D + 3D CBCT Examinations
    • Digital Planning and Smile Design
    • Immediate Load Surgery with Surgical Guides
    • Mock-up and Smile Test-Drive
    • Final Screwed Prosthesis


Do I know all the treatment details in advance?

Yes. The procedure details are presented during the consultation, including cost projections. A consultation has two sessions. The initial consultation, where clinical evaluation is performed and all necessary data are collected (photos, scanner, X-ray investigations).

Afterwards, you will receive the conclusions of the clinical analysis mapping all problems that need to be corrected, whether they are aesthetic, functional, or biological. You will get an overview of your health status and aesthetic diagnosis.


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